The Provincials Workshop 2019 began in the Convent of Santa Sabina. It is organized for the newly elected Provincials. The provincials will be gathered in the Santa Catalina hall. They will have two weeks of common work (March 18 to 25). They will share workshops with the official friars of the General Curia (Socius and promoters). The work of the General Curia with the New Provincials will allow us to have a general knowledge of the Order in all the different themes necessary to develop the service of provincials in their countries.

Fray Vivian Boland, O.P. Socius for Fraternal Life and Formation, began the day with a prayer to God and the intercession of St. Dominic of Guzman. Alain ARNOULD, O.P. greeted the presence of the friars and presented the conventual life. Bro Miguel Ángel Del Río, Vicar of the Master of the Order, greeted in the name of Bro Bruno Cadoré, and presented the work of the official friars of the General Curia.
This meeting was initiated with the presence of: Olivier DE SAINT MARTIN (Toulouse), Nicolas TIXIER (France), Rómulo Vásquez GAVIDIA (Peru), Diego Orlando SERNA SALAZAR (Colombia), Jean DOUTRE (Canada), Angelik Petro KITSULA (Taiwan).