Two new friar provincials for France

 In Nouvelles

The Dominicans of the two French provinces are now meeting in provincial chapters and have elected their new provincial priors.The Dominicans of the Province of France, meeting in provincial chapter at the Convent Sainte-Marie de la Tourette near Lyon, elected this December 28, 2018 Brother Nicolas Tixier, currently father-master of the novices in Strasbourg after having been prior at Poitiers and socius (assistant) of the provincial prior. The Dominicans of the Province of Toulouse, gathered in provincial chapter at the convent of Saint Mary Magdalene of the Holy -Baume (Var), elected this December 29, 2018 Brother Olivier de Saint Martin, currently Director General of the Pilgrimage of the Rosary after having been prior to Toulouse and, also, socius (assistant) of the prior provincial.Après confirmation by the Master of the Order, Brother Bruno Cadoré, they both accepted their office which put them at the head of their Province for four years. Province of France covers the north of France with, for example, convents in Paris, Lille, Lyon … and many locations outside France: Scandinavia, Finland, Iraq, Egypt, Cameroon, Congo, Central African Republic, Baltic countries .. The Province of Toulouse covers the south of France with convents in Bordeaux, Toulouse, Montpellier, Marseille, Sainte-Baume and Nice … as well as Haiti and the Indian Ocean from a house in Reunion.

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